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Welcome to Ebers Dried Food Industries

Civilization in Ancient Egypt is not only tombs and pyramids, but also all aspects of human life. Prehistoric physicians in Egypt had an impressive knowledge of the human body and its inner workings, as well as the treatment of illness and disease.

The Egyptians’ medicine reached a very high standard, and its reputation spread to neighboring countries.

In 1873 Professor George Moritz Ebers, A German Egyptologist discovered in Luxor the oldest and most important medical papyrus of herbal knowledge dating to c. 1550 BC. The papyrus was written in hieratic Egyptian and preserved for us the most voluminous record of ancient Egyptian herbal medicinal knowledge. The scroll contained some 700 herbal and medical formulas and remedies. 

Today, we were inspired with Prof. EBERS, and honored our company with his name to keep telling the story of his great discovery which revealed the greatest Egyptian herbal reference and medicine book for humanity.

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Ebers Dried Food Industries Services

Our facility is located in 6th of October Industrial area over 12,000 ft2 and is fully equipped with a newly automated costumed machinery line to clean, grade and pack dried leaves and seeds.
Our monthly production capacity is up to 250 Ton with purity up to 99%.
Our technical staff enjoys a great experience in processing and exporting herbs and seeds for more than 15 years.

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Basil Leaves

Marjoram Leaves

Peppermint leaves

Spearmint Leaves

Dill leaves

Coriander Leaves

Jew ‘s Mallow Leaves

Sage Leaves

Lemon grass

Parsley leaves

Thyme leaves

Senna Leaves

Plant Selection
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White sesame seed
Gold Sesame seeds
Fennel seeds
Caraway seeds
Coriander seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Nigella seeds
Cumin seeds
Anise Seeds


All products are supplied according to client specification in terms of processing form (whole, crushed, fine), purity and bulk density, packing material and container loads.

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Street 54, 6th of October City (2), Giza Governorate, Egypt

0111 453 3339

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